Testing human body exposure limits

Rapidly growing Verkotan Oy provides test and certification services for wireless devices.

SAR tests – making sure your mobile is safe for you

These days, we all are surrounded by wireless devices. Our mobile phones are always quite close to our body and to make sure this is safe, they need to go through Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing. It is very likely that some of these devices have been tested by Oulu-based Verkotan in Finland. They are the only company offering accredited SAR testing in Finland, something which is obligatory for almost all radio devices used close to a human head or body.

Testing verifies that wireless devices do not exceed country-specific radio frequency exposure limits. In addition to SAR, Verkotan offers Over-the-Air (OTA), tailored wireless test services and solutions for various certifications (CE, FCC, PTCRB, GCF) for many markets.

“We want to provide added value to our customers; offering not only testing services for product development, but also certifications give us credibility, and in fact, it is an efficient way for customers to find us, even if they are not looking certification yet.”, CEO Kari Komonen explains.

Excelling in flexibility

Verkotan, founded in 2014, has been growing rapidly each year. Their estimated turnover for this year is close to €1 M, which is a 100% increase compared to the previous year. Verkotan’s personnel have been forerunners in global SAR and RF OTA test development since the 1990s, as many of them worked previously with Nokia.

Adding SAR testing was one of the key growth factors. “We took a leap in the end of 2015, when we started offering SAR tests, and collaborating more closely with other testing companies in the Oulu area in order to better serve our customers.”, Komonen says.

Verkotan excels in flexibility and meeting their customers’ needs, as they are able to create tailored testing solutions, for example for 5G products. “Thanks to our OTA test system development skills and in-house developed test system software, we can modify test scripts on the fly and develop new test cases to fit customer needs in just a matter of days.”, Komonen says.

In fact, Verkotan is the only CTIA authorized test house in the world with its own in-house developed test system. Verkotan also has the capability to carry out Vodafone’s OTA requirements, as most of the biggest operators have their own specific ones.

Towards becoming a leading test hub

An estimated 50% of their current turnover comes from exports. Verkotan’s customer base consists of device manufacturers and designers, base station and antenna OEMs and health and medical equipment providers for hospitals. The main markets include the United Kingdom, Germany, United States and Finland.

The main challenge for Verkotan is finding new customers and locating their specific needs. “Recognizing and segmenting new potential customers is something we are constantly working on.”, Komonen says.

Finpro has helped Verkotan with networking and has helped them improve their pitch process.

“For us, collaboration with Finpro started in 2015 and has worked very well. We have been extremely pleased, as events like Mobile World Congress have truly helped us get meetings with potential customers and have brought us closer to closing new deals.”, says Komonen.

The goals for the future are crystal clear for Verkotan.

“We want to be the leading testing hub in Northern Europe; providing, designing and implementing 5G antenna and wireless testing systems, methods and testing services.”, Komonen says.

Connectivity from Finland 

Verkotan is a member of Finpro’s ‘Connectivity from Finland’ growth program which unites connectivity experts from across Finland under the same mission of creating innovative solutions and value adding digital services for operators. 

• The program supports the Finnish connectivity industry’s international growth and helps companies access global business opportunities in select target markets.

• For more information, please go to: Connectivity from Finland

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