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Big financial corporations need startups more than ever

  My Skype profile says, “Saving the globe or at least the banks” – Antti Kosunen, Chairman of the Board, Nestholma I think that this is a time when banks and insurance companies need to join forces with startups in order to survive. Cooperation with startups is a way for the traditional financial world to...


Finland in the forefront of XR

Last year we were preparing a report on Finland’s VR/AR ecosystem here at the Finnish Virtual Reality Association (FIVR) and were happy to discover that it includes more than 100 companies. In terms of size, know-how and innovation, the Finnish ecosystem can compete with much bigger countries like France and Germany. In fact, has Finland..


Highlights from Slush Tokyo 2018

Business Finland and the City of Helsinki took over Slush Tokyo with some of the top Finnish AR/VR and Travel Tech companies. Thanks to the amazing companies, we had the Coolest Tech Hub Booth in the whole event. Their super skills really stood out from the crowd. So, take a moment and check out our.


My first Slush – How Finnish startup event got even royals interested

You can’t catch all the highlights at once, but that’s not even the point, writes Lauri Kangasniemi, Communications Specialist at Finpro. *** My friends probably wouldn’t describe me as the most laid-back guy. When it comes to formality, I stand somewhere on the solid ground between Jonathan Toews and Darth Vader. I do enjoy my.


Blog post by Kirsi Larkiala: Finland, the home of FinTech?

“FinTech, like Finland and Tech?” writes Kirsi Larkiala in her blog post. *** The Nordics are known for efficiency, automation and engineering. Since the inception of the internet, the Scandinavians, and the Finns especially, have been eager early adopters of the latest internet and mobile technologies. There are plenty of great examples of successful Nordic/Swedish.

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