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Houston Analytics rises to top of the analytics world in just four years

Finnish company Houston Analytics has been selected as one of the IBM SPSS Modeler Partners highlighted on the global ICT giant’s website. The innovative Finnish company was already in the limelight in 2017, winning IBM’s Choice Award as well as the IBM Best Performing New Business Partner Award in Europe category. Houston Analytics was also..


Finland well positioned as Industrial Internet grows in China

The Industrial Internet (IIoT) is gaining ground in China, where local companies are putting a higher emphasis on digitalization. Finnish companies have a lot to offer for China’s billion-dollar IIoT market. Business Finland’s predecessors Finpro and Tekes have been active in China for years. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise that the people at the Business.


Wirepas makes massive Internet of Things its business

In future, there will be a lot of information in the air with the Internet of Things and the technology that is able to manage all of this will be the industry frontrunner, says Sebastian Linko, Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Wirepas. *** “What do you do, exactly?” This is a question that...


Finnish Industrial Internet experts meet the expectations of British companies

“It’s not just meeting the right people – it’s the context that makes the difference.” *** The United Kingdom is one of the key target markets for Finnish Industrial Internet companies. Meanwhile, British companies seem to have a growing awareness of Finland’s pioneering expertize with the IoT. The Team Finland Industrial Internet program has been.


It’s all about teamwork

Data-savvy specialists are important in creating new value to businesses through the Internet of Things and analytics, but the last mile will always be covered with the help of a good and versatile team, Päivi Karesjoki of Avarea maintains. According to a leading IT news media CRN, data scientists are invaluable to businesses aspiring to...


3D visualisation of bottlenecks

Elisa is a key part of the European 4.0 Transformation Center project in Germany where they are using their Smart Factory solution to visualise and optimise an entire factory. Elisa IoT is a start-up unit within the telecommunications, ICT and online service company Elisa. Their IoT Smart Factory solution utilises artificial intelligence to optimise the.


Blog post by Reijo Smolander: Industrial Internet of Things is about optimizing supply and demand and creating something new

Industrial Internet of Things can turn traditional manufacturers into service providers, writes Reijo Smolander, Senior Advisor and Program Director for Industrial Internet at Finpro. *** The other day, I came across this article about Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by Environmental Engineering magazine. The article is a good read. However, I am tempted to elaborate.


Defining the next 100 years

Have you ever wondered what the future would look like? Take peek how we are defining the next 100 years, our everyday life surrounded by IoT and IIoT technology.  


Industrial Internet of Things, the unused opportunity

Internet of Things (IoT) has already spent few years at the peak of Gartner’s hype cycle. Common consensus is, that IoT – and IIoT in industrial environment – has a lot of potential, but somehow it does not seem to come down to the day-to-day business level. So why something, which is seen to bring..


Watch Full Movie Rampage (2018)

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