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North Europe’s largest ICT collaboration network launches in Finland

Allied ICT Finland (AIF) combines 11 research institutes, five cities, ten business ecosystems, thousands of researchers and more than 1.200 companies. The goal is to achieve a permanent boost in R&D investments and global growth. Digitalization creates vast possibilities for growth, but new ways of agility, investments and partnership models are needed in order to.


Satellio combines satellite data and AI for the good of the forestry industry

Finnish company Satellio is a prime example of Finnish New Space Economy expertize. They have developed a satellite-based monitoring analysis service for businesses, especially focusing on the forestry industry. The solution is quite cool. “Basically, what we do is track changes in the forests and fields by combining satellite imagery and multiple sources of ground.


Blog post by Kimmo Aura & Christina Rinne: The Road to Africa starts from Cape Town

Trade missions open the doors for Finnish connectivity companies in the promising market of South Africa, write Kimmo Aura and Christina Rinne, who work for Business Finland’s Connectivity from Finland growth program. *** If you had asked back in the ‘80s, where the future of global growth will stem from, China would have been the...


Finland embraces the digital transformation

Finland is a pioneer in developing and deploying the digital solutions that are set to transform industries, services and societies in the coming decades. Finnish companies are already at the leading edge of this ongoing transformation. A pocket-sized technology superpower, Finland has also established itself as one of the most attractive digital R&D hubs in..

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