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Wirepas makes massive Internet of Things its business

In future, there will be a lot of information in the air with the Internet of Things and the technology that is able to manage all of this will be the industry frontrunner, says Sebastian Linko, Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Wirepas. *** “What do you do, exactly?” This is a question that...


Blog post by Kimmo Aura & Christina Rinne: The Road to Africa starts from Cape Town

Trade missions open the doors for Finnish connectivity companies in the promising market of South Africa, write Kimmo Aura and Christina Rinne, who work for Business Finland’s Connectivity from Finland growth program. *** If you had asked back in the ‘80s, where the future of global growth will stem from, China would have been the...


Testing human body exposure limits

Rapidly growing Verkotan Oy provides test and certification services for wireless devices. SAR tests – making sure your mobile is safe for you These days, we all are surrounded by wireless devices. Our mobile phones are always quite close to our body and to make sure this is safe, they need to go through Specific Absorption..


Goodbye to data roaming issues

UROS wants to provide all travellers with global mobile connectivity and solve unexpected roaming issues – not only for end users but for telecom operators as well. Founded in 2011, UROS is a telecom services company offering global connectivity via the eSIM ecosystem for both static and roaming devices. In 2016, the company took a..


Sarokal Test Systems – A forerunner in fronthaul testing 

Introducing Sarokal Test Systems: a patented innovation for the latest 5G technology.  A pioneer in testing systems  Sarokal Test Systems Oy was founded in 2013 as part of Sarokal Solutions. The company created pioneering testing systems for the fronthaul network even before ‘fronthaul’ became an industry-term.   However, the future appeared uncertain for the Oulu-based.


Finnish tech companies are in high demand at global markets – revenues grew over 100 percent in 2016

Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which took part in Finpro’s ICT industry growth programs, grew rapidly in 2016. Themes of the growth programs covered latest digital trends, ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT) to Smart Retail. All four programs reached solid growth rates both in revenues and in trade. Finnish digital know-how sells.

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