North Europe’s largest ICT collaboration network launches in Finland

Allied ICT Finland (AIF) combines 11 research institutes, five cities, ten business ecosystems, thousands of researchers and more than 1.200 companies. The goal is to achieve a permanent boost in R&D investments and global growth.

Digitalization creates vast possibilities for growth, but new ways of agility, investments and partnership models are needed in order to succeed. Allied ICT Finland offers a new model of action and investment, which aims to create a billion euro R&D leap. By combining multifaceted research, resources and R&D environments to a platform economy model, AIF creates a rapid R2B model.

Central focal points in the collaboration are wireless networks and devices, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and machine learning, drone technologies, augmented and virtual reality technologies, game technologies, systems and platforms, printed electronics, new materials and sensors, cybersecurity and vertical technologies. Financing is secured by utilizing several domestic and European funding instruments, capital investments from the companies themselves, and international partnerships.

Welcome hitech parties!

Read the press release here (AIF)



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