Finnish Industrial Internet experts meet the expectations of British companies

“It’s not just meeting the right people – it’s the context that makes the difference.”


The United Kingdom is one of the key target markets for Finnish Industrial Internet companies. Meanwhile, British companies seem to have a growing awareness of Finland’s pioneering expertize with the IoT.

The Team Finland Industrial Internet program has been actively opening doors for Finnish companies in the British market. As of now, the endeavor has had an upward trend. Along the way, the Industrial Internet program has organized, among others, trade missions, which bring together Finnish offering and British companies that seek new ways to harness the potential of the IoT in their processes.

In light of the feedback, Finnish companies taking part in the program’s activities in the UK have all been extremely satisfied so far with the results.

However, even more importantly, their British counterparts seem to have a similar perception of the course of events. According to Reijo Smolander, Senior Advisor and Program Director for Industrial Internet at Finpro, process-intensive industries in the UK are becoming increasingly aware of Finland’s reputation with the Industrial Internet.

“Finnish companies are ideal partners when connecting physical industrial assets via IoT networks, cloud and building smart applications and new services,” he says. “This is guaranteed by our longstanding tradition with tech.”

The latest trade mission took place in November 2017. During the visit, Finnish participants had a chance to meet prospective UK customers and sales partners from the likes of manufacturing and energy sectors. The companies on the mission were Emergence, Gofore, Haltian, Houston Analytics, Neste Jacobs and Process Genius.

Apparently, they made a lasting impression, as the response from the British side did not lack for superlatives. The British companies were especially happy with the quality of the pre-arranged one-to-one meetings.

“Very good,” one British participant commented, adding that his company is already considering how to take things to the next stage after the initial meetings.

“Brilliant day – the contacts were superb,” another one said. “I have got a ton of positive actions to follow up on.”

“It’s not just meeting the right people – it’s the context that makes the difference,” he summarized.

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