Connectivity from Finland Trade Mission to Kenya, 20.-24.11. 2017

Kenya’s economy is growing strongly and the country is strategically located in the heart of the East African Community and is the area’s economic and logistical hub in many forms. The value of Kenya’s ICT sector is estimated at US$ 2.5 billion in 2017.   There is a strong need for development in Kenyan telecommunication.


Defining the Future of Retail, London

Stay at the forefront of technology and get to know some of Finland’s leading digital start-ups that can drive your future of e-commerce. They are offering a great variety of solutions for retail and e-commerce companies to improve sales, conversion rate, customer (and competitor) intelligence and provide possibility to do personalised marketing actions and automate processes...


StartUp Week 27.11.-1.12.2017

Finland’s higher education system is one of best in the world. Finland has also ranked as one of the most exciting and innovative startup nations in the world. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is combining these two topics together in StartUp Week event starting on 27th November in Finland.  Finland is famous for excellent standards.


A Pre-Slush Event: The Match Up

Turbiini Arabianranta is organising with its Nordic collaborators and Enterprise Europe Network a Pre-Slush event to all who want to laud to the new and unique medium – VR/AR. The Match Up assembles stakeholders, opinion leaders of the industry and peers from the Nordic and Baltic countries under the same roof where you have a...


Finland Booth at Slush – Smart Health

FINLAND  – the Land of Future Health Finland ranks among the three strongest health technology economies in the world, while digital health is its largest high-tech export. Multidisciplinary problem solving has raised the country among the main players of digital health.  Medical research – Top-class expertise in certain disease pathways areas Health technology – World..


Finland Booth at Slush – Smart Mobility

Meet up with the Finnish forerunners of Smart Mobility at the Finland Booth on December 1st, 2017, 9 AM–1 PM. *** Finns are equipped for the future The automotive and mobility sectors are currently in the middle of the largest transformation in their history. The change is largely characterized by connectivity, autonomous driving and new..


Finland booth at Slush – Augmented/Virtual Reality

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality are emerging technologies that will turn whole industries upside down. In addition to entertainment, being able to walk virtually inside buildings under construction, driving massive industrial machines and repairing them from other side of the world is just the beginning of the digital revolution. Finland has all the knowhow, education..


Industrial Internet Trade Mission to China, 11.-14.12.2017

Team Finland Industrial Internet Program will arrange a trade mission to the China in December. The trade mission will be open to up to 6 selected Finnish companies, who will meet prospective Chinese customers and sales partners from the manufacturing and energy sectors. Based on customers’ needs and Finnish companies’ offerings, the mission will be..

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