22.05.2018 - 24.05.2018

Finland Trade Mission to the United Kingdom 22.-24.5.2018


This Spring, a group of Finnish Industrial Internet companies will be reaching out to selected British enterprises, with full support from the Finnish trade promotion agency Business Finland and the Embassy of Finland in London. The Trade Mission of pioneering companies operating in the Industrial Internet and Big Data arenas will take place in London between Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th May. 

You need the right partners to take full advantage of the opportunities that digitalisation and the Industrial Internet create. Finnish companies are at their best when connecting physical industrial assets via IoT networks, cloud and building smart applications and new services. They understand customer challenges and meet them. 

Companies at a glance


Making industrial assets aware of themselves and their surroundings and connecting these to digital business processes.

Benefits: higher uptime, less travelling, longer asset life and operational excellence with industrial IoT.

Distence reduces TCO and increases ROI by creating the Internet of industrial assets they digitize machines and equipment and connect them to the business processes. The solution Distributed Intelligence consists both of an intelligent cloud level service platform on which the customer-specific solution is built, as well as Distence terminal electronics, which are intelligent data management devices utilizing Edge Computing. Edge Computing technology increases the autonomy of machinery and devices and enables them to be connected to the company’s business processes. 


Elisa Smart Factory Management brings clarity to the complexity of plant management and process automation. The solution enables intelligent optimization and productivity improvement from a single process to the whole factory. With real-time data, advanced analytics and 3D visualization in every part of the production, you can spot deviations in real-time, simulate changes, optimize processes and establish ‘golden operation’ benchmarks. This helps you increase the productivity, quality and uptime of your operations.

Elisa has a proven track record with many large industrial customers, helping them to achieve concrete and significant results. We were also invited to participate in the European 4.0 Transformation Center in Aachen, which focuses on helping manufacturers realize agile digital transformation in their operations.


Haltian designs and develops state of the art IoT devices and connectivity solutions for clients who demand exceptional quality. Some of the largest corporate companies in the world and iconic brands use and sell their devices and solutions. Clients are serviced from the offices in Oulu (Finland) and Silicon Valley. The company has grown on the back of the Nokia R&D expertise and currently employs 85 specialists. 

The devices which Haltian develops stand out in performance, sustainability and usability. 

Houston Analytics

Houston Analytics are an award-winning provider of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to enable effective decision making. A key area of Houston’s expertise is IoT, enabling organisations who manufacture, use or maintain critical equipment to minimise downtime, maximise asset efficiency and optimise maintenance activities and supply chain. 


ionSign is a data collection specialist, interfacing to field sensors and meters and providing data to bespoke and commercial clouds. Finland being a forerunner in AMR, energy and utility data is their specific expertise. Projects within the wider Industrial IoT domain have also included applications in distributed energy production, container vessels, and industrial energy and process optimization.

Process Genius

Process Genius (PG) provides digital tools to enable better strategic and operative decisions within management of production, maintenance & repair and sales processes. Plant management systems benefit from greatly enhanced efficiency in production control, improved safety and automated traceability. Customers are primarily manufacturing companies and plant owners/operators working in the process industry, but not exclusively.

PGplant Digital Twin is an intuitive “replica of a real world” solution which helps customers to keep control of the industrial plant, whether it is a factory, a process plant or any other operational environment. It creates an illustrative 3D model using cutting- edge graphics and combines relevant data from several source systems to one single view. In PGplant Digital Twin the user can explore each individual process, related machinery and documentation in its right context. This solution supports multiple user groups and is easily scalable across client operations. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality can be added to solutions.


contact to: Mr Mark Dodsworth, 07779 091332, mdodsworth@europartnerships.co.uk


Mission Sponsors :

Business Finland – in partnership with the Embassy of Finland 
Mr Perry Le Dain, Senior Advisor, Business Finland UK
Phone: +44 7867 781 237
Team Finland Industrial Internet Growth Program
Mr Reijo Smolander, Program Director, Team Finland Industrial Internet, Business Finland
Phone: +358 40 5529 681

Emails: firstname.lastname@businessfinland.fi


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