30.10.2017 - 01.11.2017

Team Finland Industrial Internet Trade Mission to UK 30.10.-1.11.2017

In 2017 the business opportunity for suppliers of digital technology and services to the UK market remains as strong as ever. To meet the challenge, Team Finland’s Industrial Internet Program will arrange a trade mission to the UK in Autumn 2017.

The trade mission will be open to up to 6 selected Finnish companies, who will meet prospective UK customers and sales partners from the manufacturing and energy sectors. Based on UK customers’ needs and Finnish companies’ offerings, the mission will be prepared so that, before any meetings take place, a match between the need and supply is confirmed, thus speeding up the process and encouraging in-depth discussions during the first meeting!


Finnish companies unfold the whole potential of the British Industrial Internet

This autumn, a group of Finnish Industrial Internet companies lands in the UK to convince local enterprises with their pioneering expertise.

Already two decades have gone by since first Finnish companies started to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) in their daily operations. Nowadays, their excellent solutions for the Industrial Internet combine data acquisition and analytics with the latest visualization technologies and services, portraying incisively the Finnish deep-rooted expertise on digital solutions as well as Finland’s long lasting industrial tradition.

The Trade Mission of Finnish companies operating in the Industrial Internet and Big Data domains will take place in London between Monday 30th October and Wednesday 1st November. The event is organised with full support from the Finnish trade promotion agency Finpro and the Embassy of Finland in London.

“When you look at these companies, their expertise is obviously not only about technical efficiency,” says Reijo Smolander, Program Director at Finpro. “Rather, they go beyond the traditional meaning of the Industrial Internet, knowing how to deliver value creation, facilitate innovation as well as new services and business models.”

Individual meetings scheduled with British counterparts across the country will be combined with a high profile networking event in the heart of the City of London.

Companies at a glance


Finnish location tracking company Emergence has noticed the growing enthusiasm around the IoT in the UK. Its solar-powered IoT service Taival forms a perfect match with the asset management needs of the British marine, logistics and waste management industries typically operating across wide and remote geographical territories. Among others, the solution can be used for minimizing asset losses and delays in transportation as well as optimizing logistics in waste management.

Taival’s combination of patented GPS trackers and cloud-based software with end-to-end security gives companies the visibility they need, enabling alerts, enriching reporting and allowing for better analysis of their assets and shipments.

“Taival is maintenance free and runs non-stop for 10 years,” says Vaida Meskauskiene, Customer Experience Lead at Emergence. “We call this the install-and-forget principle. Taival does not require any additional infrastructure investments and since it’s powered solely by solar energy, it can be applied to areas where no electricity supply is available. Taival provides actual location of specific items and offers much more vital insight when paired with existing data in enterprise systems. This means companies are never caught off guard by loss or delays, helping them improve customer service while reducing operational disruptions and costs”.

The durability of Taival has been verified in one of the harshest possible conditions – semi-artic winter weather. For instance, The Finnish Transport Agency is using it for tracking the movement of buoys in the Baltic Sea.

In 2016, Taival won Elisa’s IoT challenge in Europe’s leading startup event Slush.


Finnish Gofore helps its customers to ride the wave of digital transformation. Right from the beginning, the company has been attracted by the global market, being present in the UK for a couple of years.

“We are an established actor both in industrial sphere as well as in the public sector,” says Harri Mansikkamäki, Managing Director at Gofore UK. “We help our customers in leading digital transformation as well as designing and building new services. Utilising a cloud infrastructure guarantees that the service development and maintenance is flexible, scalable and configurable.”

In the UK, Gofore sees a huge market filled with opportunities. Many British companies and authorities seek advice with the digital jungle.

“In all our work we focus on enhancing services,” Mansikkamäki comments. “Our sole purpose is to design efficient digital tools that empower their user to achieve more.”

Gofore’s resume speaks for itself, as the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, John Deere, Airbus and Rolls-Royce trust the Finnish company.


Haltian knows how to make most of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity. The Finnish company, having its roots in Nokia’s R&D expertise, focuses on sensor and wireless technologies. Some of the largest companies in the world trust Haltian’s IoT solutions.

“We offer our customers a fast lane to the IoT,” says Jyrki Suutari, Sales Director at Haltian. “In Britain, we have a lot to offer especially for systems integrators. They are not necessarily interested in building up their own IoT hardware. We have the suitable IoT solutions, hardware, functional backend as well as graphical user interfaces. It is a genuine win-win situation.”

From Haltian’s viewpoint, this gives their customers the freedom to focus on their core competences.

“We can also take care of the management, maintenance and life cycle updates of the whole installed base,” Suutari  comments.

Houston Analytics

Houston Analytics is known for its expertise in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). An award-winning IBM partner at the European level, the company has recently seen excellent traction in the UK market. Houston Analytics is particularly strong in the retail sector and in manufacturing and process industries.

“We are masters of predictive analytics, data-driven management and AI,” says Colin Shearer, Chief Strategy Officer at Houston Analytics. “We are particularly interested in the UK because of its market size and the degree to which local companies are receptive to innovative technologies that help them do their business better.”

Data is at the heart of everything Houston Analytics does. In the UK, it is seeing most interest in its solution for intelligent marketing automation and its offerings around the IoT, including predictive maintenance and process optimisation. The company’s products and services, though, span a wide range of industries and business areas.

“Ultimately, the combination of data and AI enables a more holistic approach to the everyday decision-making within companies,” Shearer comments. ”Smarter decisions drive better outcomes, and this technology provides a rapid return on investment.”

Neste Jacobs

Finnish engineering company Neste Jacobs has its eyes set especially on the UK’s dairy and oil industries. The company has a proven track-record of increasing efficiency in production plants and process industries globally.

“Our solution is called NAPCON,” says Andreas Frejborg, Technical Sales Manager at Neste Jacobs. “The heart of NAPCON is an AI-powered product family that increases the efficiency in production plants, as it thoroughly understands them and is capable of adjusting the processes on real-time.”

According to Neste Jacobs, the solution continues where human capabilities end.

“There are plenty of hidden powers in most production facilities,” Frejborg adds. “Some of the plants are not even remotely as efficient as they could be. We have an easy way to unfold all the potential of the facilities. You do not need any extra hardware investments.”

Process Genius

Process Genius (PG) is a Finnish IoT company, known for its user interface for Industrial Internet. The company, established in 2012, operates currently in Finland with a strong international reach. From PG’s perspective, the UK market opens up a multitude of opportunities, as local companies are more than willing to take advantage of new digital solutions.

“We make digitalization easy with our PGplant, PGtool and PGconfigurator solutions, which are all scalable and replicable according to the exact needs of our clients,” says Anu Haverinen, Director, Sales and Development, at PG. “Our solutions are suitable for many sectors in the UK, including the likes of manufacturing industry, water treatment, pulp and paper as well as food-processing industry.”

The company masters the so-called Digital Twin solutions.

“For instance, our PGplant solution is optimal for plant operations and maintenance,” Haverinen adds. “The whole solution is based on a digital twin environment, which gives you an identical virtual 3D application of a device, process or the whole plant.”

PG’s solutions are used globally across business operations from sales to production. In a short period of time, the company has gained a prominent position within selected industries, while being trusted by leading Finnish and international companies.



During the visit, participants will have an opportunity to attend business meetings which Finpro will organize with its local trade center and growth program’s local consultant Mr. Mark Dodsworth.

For more information, please contact:

Mr Reijo Smolander, Program Director, Team Finland Industrial Internet, Finpro

Phone: +358 40 5529 681

Mr Perry Le Dain, Senior Advisor, Finpro UK

Phone: +44 7867 781 237

Email: firstname.lastname@finpro.fi

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