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Stay at the forefront of technology and get to know some of Finland’s leading digital start-ups that can drive your future of e-commerce. They are offering a great variety of solutions for retail and e-commerce companies to improve sales, conversion rate, customer (and competitor) intelligence and provide possibility to do personalised marketing actions and automate processes.

The Ambassador of Finland is hosting an event for UK Retail Community on Thursday 23rd November 2017 from (2.30pm for) 3pm – 6.30pm. The event will be held at the Residence of the Ambassador of Finland, 14 Kensington Palace Gardens, London. The event is organised by Finpro in partnership with Europartnerships.


Madam Ambassador Päivi Luostarinen will open the programme. The keynote speaker will be Stephen Eldred, Co-founder of Effortless Skin, one of  the UK’s leading online cosmeceutical retailers. Stephen will share his thoughts on how to ride the wave of e-commerce and will explain how they are taking full advantage of some of the latest retail tech solutions on the market, including for example the Nosto personalisation solution as well as the Videoly video discovery and management tool.

This presentation will be followed by further elaboration of the theme by speakers from the most prominent retail tech companies in Finland, who will share their insights and give concrete examples of how to elevate your e-commerce to the next level. Each of them is playing their part in the development of world-beating new tech.

  • Custobar is the only sales tool that collects data from all sources. It can turn anyone into a sales champion.
  • Flockler brings all your content, including what your fans say about you, into one social hub.
  • Klevu is an AI-powered smart search solution, which learns in realtime and works on any platform.
  • Nosto is the fastest growing personalisation solution in the world, trusted by leading global retail brands.
  • Videoly is the easiest way to cover your online store with video content.

The event is by invitation only. If you would like to participate in the event, please contact Ms Nora Aguirre at naguirre@europartnerships.co.uk 

For more information about Finnish companies listed above, or Finpro, please contact Mr Simo Heiskanen at simo.heiskanen@Finpro.fi

Europartnerships are acting as UK consultants on behalf of the Embassy of Finland and the Finnish trade promotion agency Finpro for the organisation of this event in London.

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