23.04.2018 - 26.04.2018

MVNOs World Congress, 23-26 April

Powering up connectivity for the digitalizing world

Forerunner in reshaping telecommunications for decades, Finland has agile, fast-moving companies with strong expertise in services for operators and digital service providers.


MVNOs World Congress 2018

MVNOs World Congress is the global MVNO community meeting gathering all the key market players in Madrid, Spain. Reflecting the growth of the MVNO market, 240 MVNOs in attendance from 80 different countries are expected to join the biggest and most global MVNO event yet.

Meet Finnish companies at MVNOs World Congress!


Codemenders is a tech-startup that has focused all its efforts in improving the customer service experience. We have developed Qtip.Me, an innovative platform that allows businesses to manage their customer services in the cloud. It allows consumers to secure a place in the queue (physical or call center based) using a mobile app and gives a freedom to manage their waiting time however they like to.  www.qtip.me

Exomi develops mobile messaging and data infrastructure solutions that enable mobile network operators and service providers to take total control over their services and optimize the network resource usage. Our comprehensive product suites include Mobile Messaging and Browsing, Mobile Marketing, hosted RCS, Voice-over-WIFI and Mobile Identity management. www.exomi.com

Piceasoft is award-winning growth company offering cutting-edge solutions for mobile devices lifecycle management. PiceaServices™ covers the whole lifecycle of mobile device from taking a new phone into use, analyzing service needs, preparing phone to trade in or recycle. It is already globally widely used in retail stores, online environment, and service centers. www.piceasoft.com

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