Finland booth at Slush – Smart Energy

Smart Energy solutions will be Finland’s next export product

Meet up with the Finnish forerunners of Smart Energy at the Finland Booth on November 30th, 2017, 1 PM–5 PM.

There are two solutions for tackling climate change; Transition into use of only renewable energies and dramatically more efficient energy use. To reach the latter target, utilisation of smart solutions in the whole energy system will give us completely new tools. Utilising and creating new business of the data produced by the smart systems, is something we cannot afford to miss out. Solving the most acute environmental problem of the world means smart energy system and lot of R&D&I work to build it. Market potential of smart energy system and its components is huge.

In Finland our special asset is IoT and digital sector’s startup companies that have high technology applicable for energy sector. Also big Finnish energy companies invest in research and development of smart energy systems and have active role in generating smart ecosystems.

The Smart Energy program of Tekes and Finpro builds testbeds and ecosystems which enable fast development of the sector in Finland and speeds up entering international markets.  Intelligence has already started a new era on resource and energy efficiency and we want Finnish companies to lead the way.

Come to Finland Booth and connect with Finnish Smart Energy Companies:

eTalkkari by Residentia
Process Genius

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