Deeptale hacks its way to the Moomin theme park

Finnish company Deeptale has convinced Japanese investment bank Fintech Global Incorporated (FGI) with its AR skills. FGI is currently building up a Moomin Valley theme park and a public recreation area called Metsä Village in Hanno-city, outskirts of Tokyo. The Japanese company plans to utilize latest AR and VR technologies in the park. This September, altogether 10 Finnish companies showed off their AR/VR expertize to FGI at a hackathon, organized by Finpro in cooperation with Industryhack.

Japanese Fintech Global Incorporated (FGI) has selected Deeptale the winner of the Moomin Valley theme park hackathon. According to FGI, Deeptale’s concept called Moomin reflections was very novel and fits easily into the current park design. FGI is looking forward to perfecting the idea with the Finnish AR company and incorporating it into the park.

The winning concept is built around a reflecting pool. Visitors looking at themselves in the pool will see not a reflection of themselves but a transformation into one of the Moomin characters.

“Hackathon was a new experience for us and we liked it,” says Tero Pänkäläinen, CEO of Deeptale. “The whole event was organized very well and all other participants guaranteed an extremely inspiring environment to work at. Finland has a truly high level of expertize in AR and VR.”

“I would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiasm, hard work, and good ideas,” says Robert Hirst, Chairman of FGI. “For us, a hackathon was an entirely new, fascinating and very worthwhile experience. It had been our intention to conclude the event on the last day by announcing the winner and I sensed a degree of disappointment among the participants that we were not able to do so. In fact, it was the overall high level of presentations and originality of ideas that made choosing an outright winner at the time so very difficult.”

Hirst does not rule out the possibility to take advantage of the other hackathon concepts as well.

“The competition was very close and we did like a number of the other presentations,” he says. “We will be getting back to other companies over the next week or so with our thoughts on their presentations and ideas about how we might incorporate some of those too.”

The Moomin Valley theme park will convey the charm of Moomin stories and the creative imagination of their author, Tove Jansson. The Metsä Village will also allow visitors to experience Northern European lifestyles. More than one million visitors are expected to visit the park every year. Its main target customer segments are children, families and young women.


In the picture: Deeptale’s CEO Tero Pänkäläinen surrounded by Finpro’s Senior Advisors Kimmo Ojuva (left) and Marko Salonen (right).

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