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Hanna Marttinen-Deakins

Head of Industry, ICT & Digitalisation

tel. +358 29 4695 348 

Hanna Martinen Deakins Techhub

As the Head of Industry, ICT and Digitalization, Hanna is in charge of our internationalization services for Finnish companies. Her 25-year experience in international business operations and management consulting, mainly at the Asian markets, covers multiple industries across the globe, but especially digital innovations.

“Finnish digitalization know-how goes deep and wide, and many digital success stories are created in our country. Finnish digital companies also get the big picture. They understand the challenges of the end customer and focus on finding solutions.”

Nora Kaarela Techhub

Our Head of Industry, Health and Wellbeing, Nora is leading our operations driving foreign investments in to Finnish health industry and venture capital for our highly innovative growth companies in the life science and health tech sectors.

Her broad experience and passion in life science and medical technology, corporate governance and venture capital business are key assets in developing companies’ performance.

Kimmo Aura

Senior Advisor, Program Director

tel. +358 40 5048 317 

Kimmo Aura techhub

Kimmo is the seasoned Program Director of our Connectivity growth program. Through more than 25 years of developing international telecom, fiber optics, machinery, mining and management consulting businesses, Kimmo has gained solid credibility to his work today.

“Based on my experience, the key to success in any business is listening to your customers carefully, understanding their concerns, and streamlining your own organization to fulfil the customers’ needs.”

Reijo Smolander

Senior Advisor, Program Director

tel. +358 40 5529681 

Reijo Smolander

Reijo leads our Industrial Internet growth program as a Program Director. He is a true Industrial Internet enthusiast with more than 20 years’ experience and a special focus on the transition into service business. 

“My passion is to make the most out of B2B services. Motivating and helping companies to expand their offering into services. Identifying new business opportunities through looking at the world from customers’ perspective. Networking and finding a true win-win solution with your business partners.”

Eero Toivainen

Senior Advisor, Program Director

tel. +358 40 343 3379 

Eero Toivanen Techhub

Our Program Director Eero has a firm background in international business development, sales and marketing operations. Besides being an active advisor to executive teams, he has started and run national growth programs in the fields of medical tourism, digital hospitals and R&D investments.

“I know for certain that Finland can provide you with leading healthcare innovations and winning teams. We are constantly searching for international distributors and integrators willing to transform healthcare and localize our ideas and solutions.“

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