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Huoleti was established in January 2017, by two ladies, who have wide experience in Service Design, Healthcare, Wellbeing, Digitalization, e-Services and Service deployment.

Huoleti creates services designed first and foremost for people. Understanding the potential of digitalization of healthcare, and the passion to change the world by providing the right tools, are strong drivers for these two.

People have a strong need to be understood. This becomes even more important, when going through a difficult experience, such as a severe illness.

Huoleti provides a P2P network to make everyday life easier.
We provide a network of peers, volunteers and loved ones. We also provide educational support tools for the loved ones, and an easy way to post availability to help the patient. In addition, Huoleti brings volunteers from your neighborhood to you, so that your life can go on.

People with severe conditions are never left alone. They are able to get help and stay connected to others., without leaving their house. Their families and loved ones form a network, where they can support each other and post availability to help. For volunteers, this is a flexible channel to post your availability in your community.

Service providers can provide more comprehensive care to their customers. This also creates savings, as people with severe conditions can return to their normal life sooner.


Carita Savin
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