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BUSINESS FINLAND boosts Finnish ICT sector companies through export growth programs focused on target areas. TechHubFinland showcases what Finland has to offer.

Business Finland is the official export association of Finland that helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes travel to Finland. Business Finland is a public organization with almost 300 professionals who work in 37 offices in 31 countries abroad and 6 offices in Finland.

In the Team Finland network, Business Finland manages almost 40 significant Growth Programs through which Team Finland helps hundreds of Finnish companies enter the international market and attracts investments from around the world to Finland. See below for more information about ICT related growth programs.


Our ICT growth programs are:

Connectivity from proland

The program gathers together a crew of Finnish telco and connectivity superstars that deliver groundbreaking, future proof solutions across the entire operator value chain. From core and access network solutions, through services such as analytics and testing, to data monetization, the ‘Connectivity’ companies help operators in effective network management, improving customer acquisition and retention as well as capture new business opportunities.


Intelligent Vehicle and Mobility Solutions

With numerous companies offering cutting edge solutions and seamless cooperation between public and private organisations, Finland is known as a global leader in smart mobility. The program targets at Intelligent Vehicle and Mobility solution providers, helping them to access new markets and grow globally. The growth program members consist of over 65 companies with a joint offering spreading from in-car infotainment, connectivity, sensors and HMI solutions to platforms for a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept.


Capitalize your Knowledge

Capitalise your Knowledge Growth Program brings together over 30 Finnish companies in the field of Big Data and IoT. Finnish IoT experts deliver innovative solutions from data acquisition to analytics and visualization providing insight on products, customers or operations, enabling fact-based decision making for effective operational development. Smart IoT from Finland is the brains behind of future competitive edge for any industrial or energy player looking to harness their data for new business opportunities.


eCom Growth program not only promotes the internationalization and growth of small and medium-sized Finnish companies that trade online but also helps the so-called smart retail companies that produce innovative technologies or services for online and/or retail companies access global markets. With Finland’s strong background in creating innovative technologies and a vibrant start-up scene, Finland has a wealth of companies delivering solutions that help online retailers in delivering better customer experience.

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