3D visualisation of bottlenecks

Elisa is a key part of the European 4.0 Transformation Center project in Germany where they are using their Smart Factory solution to visualise and optimise an entire factory.

Elisa IoT is a start-up unit within the telecommunications, ICT and online service company Elisa. Their IoT Smart Factory solution utilises artificial intelligence to optimise the quality and efficiency of single production processes, as well as to identify bottlenecks throughout production.

“We combined automatic process optimisation with a real-time visual tool, which enables both the production engineer and the factory manager to get a clear view of the production status and potential problems.”, says Kari Terho, Vice President, Industrial Internet (IoT) at Elisa.

Optimising the whole company

With the help of predictive maintenance, unexpected malfunctions and interruptions can be minimised and operational efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction, reaches a new level.

Elisa has proven their solution works by putting themselves on the line:

“More than half of all malfunctions are taken care of before they happen. The amount of absolute errors has decreased dramatically during the 8 years we have been internally monitoring and optimising our functions. This has led to a major improvement in customer satisfaction.”, Terho explains.

Collaboration is the key

Currently, one of the biggest international projects Elisa has is in Germany. As a key partner for the European 4.0 Transformation Center project, Elisa is using their Smart Factory solution to visualise and optimise the production process. “Basically we are digitalising an e.Go electric car manufacturing factory and its functions.”,Terho says.

According to Terho, collaboration is a key aspect of finding future solutions. Elisa IoT actively works with Finnish start-ups. For example, they organise an innovation challenge (https://elisa.fi/innovation-challenge/) that focuses on finding new IoT solutions and services. “We are happy to help start-ups because, on a Finnish scale, we are a relatively big company.”, says Kari Terho.

“Especially when entering international markets, the customer’s needs can be specific and they might require wider solutions one company alone cannot solve. It is essential that companies can collaborate to meet these specific business needs.”, says Reijo Smolander, Finpro Senior Advisor and Program Director.

Collaboration between Finpro and Elisa has been successful and both Finpro and Tekes have helped Elisa enter the European market.

“Finpro has opened doors for us with their expertise and by finding the right local contacts on the markets that we are aiming for. For example, now they located a potentially big client to meet with us in Germany. For us, this is extremely valuable.”, Terho says.

Industrial Internet Growth Program

  • Elisa IoT is a member of Team Finland’s ‘Industrial Internet’ growth program which unites Finnish Industrial Internet expertise for creating new business opportunities
  • The program aims for international growth and helps companies access global business opportunities in select target markets.
  • For more information, please go to: Industrial Internet
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